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Packed, Prepped and Pumped for Paris.

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Okay. You caught me.. We're not 100% prepped. I just needed a verb that starts with P. But we are 1000% excited!!

We started our day at 6am with a hearty complimentary breakfast at the hostel and with... laundry. Looks like our "quick dry" outfits don't dry so quick after all. It took the entire day yesterday and over night hang drying plus a full hour in the downstairs dryer to finally dry it all. When we got to Pancras Station (adjacent to the one Harry Potter took to get to Hogwarts!!) ... Everything was running smoothly. We were a full hour early, Jamie got himself a beer, I a fruit drink, and we chatted until our train was called for boarding.

That's when it happened. (Obviously something has got to happen)

As our train gets called, everyone around our table starts zipping up their suitcases and heading toward the platform and we can feel the excitement of being in Paris twinkling in our toes. Well, I dunno about Jamie.. But i could feel it! With everything now packed on our backs, Jamie fishes in his pocket, pulls out his train ticket, turns towards me, and says...
"Got yours?"
"Yep!" I respond. "It's right here in my pocket."
I zip open my pocket and feel for my ticket. Not there.
"Oh. I must have put it in my other pocket." I mumble to myself.
Still not there. Wallet? Nope. Pant pockets? Nada. Backpack? Floor? BRA? Nuh uh.

The excitement I so recently felt in my toes has turned into an ugly pit of nerves in my stomach. I hear the operator announce "Last call for train 9022 to Paris. Your train will be leaving shorlty." Sh**. Sh**. Sh**.
"Jamie! I can't seem to find it. I'll keep looking, you go see if there's a way to reprint it!!"
While I start emptying the heck outta my pack on the table in front of me, I briefly look around me and notice I'm the last one in the waiting lounge. I look up at the clock. Two minutes. I've got two minutes before departure. I start to remember how much the tickets stressed that there were no refunds for missing the train, how we'll lose our hostel reservations in Paris if we're not there by tonight. My hands start to shake as they sift through my junk. My face gets hot.

Then, on the other side of the lounge, I see Jamie busting through the double doors and running towards me.
"Pack up!! I've got it!! Pack up!!"
I start shoving everything I emptied out back into my pack and start running after Jamie toward the platform. Behind me, I hear something thump to the floor. I quickly look behind me and realize my book is on the floor! And my laundry!! And my jacket!! DAMMIT. I forgot to zip up my pack.
I look in front of me and I don't see Jamie anymore. I don't even know what platform to go to. It's printed on my nonexistent ticket!! I start shoving things back into my pack and look up at the clock. The train is leaving now. It's leaving NOW. My pack is halfway closed when the zipper gets caught in the material.
I'm crying now, struggling to close it. I look up at the clock. One minute past departure time. I missed it. I freaking missed it.

"Miss? Are you alright?" a woman calls.
I continue trying to fix my zipper and start telling her what happened between sobs.
"I need to get to train 9022. Is it gone? I've lost Jamie. I need to find Jamie."
"Who?" says the woman.
The zipper finally gives and I see Jamie waving to me from an escalator.
"HIM!!" I say and start running toward him. "Thanks!" I call back to the woman.

I get to the flippin platform to find a huge line up of people still waiting to get onto train 9022. I line up next to Jamie, relieved, frustrated but still very very excited.

Talk to you in Paris!

Posted by GabriellaMarika 02:50 Archived in United Kingdom

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lmao Gabie, you need to put important stuff in the same place on a chain or something!!! :P That was intese

by Angele Belanger

awwww Gabie, the sad thing is I know exactly what station and the setting you're talking about lol. Did you go under the water tunnel? p.s BUY CHOCOLATES IN FRANCE!!!! YOU WON'T REGRET THE EUROS YOU SPEND ON IT!!!!!

by Jasmina

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